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We specialise in entertainment lighting, anything from a complete live show lighting rig , profile lights & up-lighters for a conference to a single spotlight for a school show, we can recommend something to suit your needs and budget.
We are dealers for American DJ (ADJ) and also part of the ADJ partner programme. This gives us full access to the adj brands Elation, Duratruss, Accu-Case. Both Adj & Elation offer great products to cater for every budget and price point. Duratruss & Accu-case provide the hardware to bring it all together .We have been using these products in our hire stock for some years now and find them a great product for the giging musician looking to add something extra to their show.


Up Lighting is the illumination of the walls and ceilings at your chosen venue. A glow of color that projects from the floor, up-lighting adds color and warmth that will coordinate the colors of your event. We offer a choice of static colors or changing colors, our lighting team will create a dramatic backdrop for your upcoming Wedding or event. Up-lighting will add to the sometimes plain look of many modern hotel Banquet rooms. Later in the evening when the music kicks off the lights can be programmed to chase and color fade.

There are many benefits to adding Up-lighting and now many brides & event organisers wonder if this is something they really need to include in their budgets. You might be surprised to find that illumination & up-lighting can be had at an affordable price. Contact our sales team for a quote.

Lighting Sales can advise on lighting packages both for live bands and bar/nightclub systems.

American DJ Products Include Disco Lights, Club Lighting, DJ Lights, Special Effects, Professional Lighting, & DJ Audio Gear. Quality, Affordable, & Reliable Special Effects Lighting & Audio Products.

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