LED Video Wall
We genuinely believe that “LED Video Wall” will play a huge part in live events going forward , be that a conference, a corporate event, exhibition stand or product launch .
There is lots to love about led video and its versatility, stunning deep colour reproduction and, of course, brightness ! . It allows us to design and deliver visually appealing and engaging events for our clients. Let us for example talk about your next conference, why be limited to wooden set panels with fixed projection screens. The flexibility of a led screen system allows truly immersive content to be delivered to delegates.
As led technology has improved, LED video wall has become more accessible and affordable to a wider client base. The clarity and colour definition of the screens now available to hire has increased dramatically. We offer too led pixel sizes p3.9 and p2.6. Light weight panels fully CE and EMC compliant with both flying and ground stacking hardware options.
Bring the WOW factor to your next event.
When it comes to LED VIDEO content is key.. To make your event unique and stand out. our creative team is on hand to support and bring your ideas from concept to reality.
If its Keynote or PowerPoint That’s no problem – we can work with you to create full screen presentations. Why not incorporate your existing presentations as “layers or picture in picture” . Our led screen controllers and switchers allow us to place and layer content virtually anywhere on the led wall.

LED Video Wall Pricing
The cost to hire LED video wall for your event will depend on a number of factors. Our friendly sales people will be happy to talk through the available options and provide you with a bespoke quotation for your event.